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Your success as a contractor relies greatly on the standards you set and the businesses you choose to partner with. Count on MI windows and sliding glass doors for long-lasting beauty, performance, and energy efficiency for the homeowners who depend on you.


MI has some of the best vinyl windows on the market.


  • Qualified network of knowledgeable dealers provide local expertise and quickly get you the answers you need
  • Exceptional quality control at every step ensures all orders are delivered on-time, accurate, and complete
  • Audits every hour, on every line, in every plant ensuring your windows are examined before they leave the factory
  • 以合适的价格设计趋势款式的灵活性和最高评价的性能
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plants deliver what you need, where you need it
  • 100%无故障保证

Seven Reasons to Choose MI


  1. 100%- 对于一些这只是一个数字,但对我们来说这是一个不懈的追求。我们不断争取完美,下降到最小的细节 - 在我们创造的每一个替代窗口中,我们创造的每一个客户体验都是因为您作为家庭改造承包商的成功取决于它。我们自信地支持我们的重塑和更换产品,并通过我们的全面保修和100%无故障保证。

  2. 合作伙伴关系– Strong success is built by strong relationships. We value our partnerships both internally and externally and we never forget that every business interaction is ultimately a person-to-person experience. That’s why we have generations of families who work at MI, and why so many home remodeling professionals continue to utilize our products in their home renovation projects after years, and in many cases, decades.

  3. Personal Commitment– MI team members at all levels are accessible and attentive, delivering flexibility, support, and timely solutions for all of your home remodeling ideas. Putting people first has been ingrained in our culture from the start, and is an ideal we live every day. From the plant floor to every positive interaction, user experience, and quality window installed – every MI team member takes each of your home remodel successes personally.

  4. Leadership- 在支持您的业务作为家庭改造时,我们并没有满足于“足够好”。我们的企业家,业主经营的领导结构提供了灵活性,支持和及时解决问题。我们关心每个家庭改造项目的最佳方式,并且独特地能够在其他级别为您服务。

  5. Precision- 精度不仅代表了我们的工程和产品的质量,而且是我们对业务的整个方法。从我们公司的专注于实现始终如一的高质量产品或我们准确,准时交付的承诺,并创造最安全,最健康的工作环境 - 我们在所有方面都追求精确,以更好地为您和我们的团队服务。使用MI,您将能够更快地完成压模项目并具有更少的回调。

  6. 正直– We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity – complete honesty, sound character, and adherence to moral and ethical principles. We do this because you and our team of talented remodeling contractors deserve it – every day, everywhere.

  7. 热情- 我们的整个团队每天都以共同的目的醒来,通过制造最好的窗户,门和经验来为您构建价值。亚博阿app官方下载我们是窗户怪人,我们为此感到自豪。我们喜欢更换窗户和替代窗口的一切 - 从设计,制作和提供他们在安装在新改造亚博阿app官方下载的家中后看到一个微笑的客户。

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Most of the products in our replacement window program are built on a singular mainframe platform, allowing you to easily customize solutions based on the performance and style preferences your customers' have for their home remodeling projects. Utilizing the same stylish profile with optional upgrades, you are able to offer a wide variety of enhancements and options to suit all of your replacement window needs.

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